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"Route 7 Grill Comes of Age in Its 8th Year"

Thanks to Dan Shaw for this fantastic review on Rural Intelligence. We discuss how Route 7 Grill has evolved over our eight years and why you should definintely order up a platter of our housemade charcuterie next time you are here! [Read the review!

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We All Love the Berkshires
Check out this video about the organization 1Berkshires, and see why Route 7 Grill founder/owner Lester Blumenthal loves the Berkshires!

Thanks for voting for us!Diners' Choice Award 2012

Route 7 Grill was awarded a Diner's Choice - Top Restaurant on This is an award based on diner's reviews and experience. We are proud to have earned this badge!

Route 7 Grill is awarded “Best Barbecued Ribs” inYankee Magazine's 2010 Travel Guide to New England!


What goes best with our tasty Original Recipe BBQ Sauce?
How about a comfy T-Shirt? We have many styles of our Route 7 T-Shirts and 3 great BBQ sauces to choose from. Ask about them next time you visit.

We’re thrilled to be part of The 2008 Saveur 100... #10.
Not bad for under two years old!
#10 Whey Good
We’re suckers for swine, but there’s one variety that really has us in its thrall: WHEY-FED PORK. The rich flavor and tender texture of meat from hogs whose diets are supplemented with whey – a nutritious, liquid byproduct of the cheese-making process – may seem like the latest trend in boutique meats (chefs like Dan Barber of New York’s Blue Hill restaurants and John Besh of Restaurant August in New Orleans serve it), but the practice of feeding pigs whey has long been prevalent in areas where pork and cheese are produced in close proximity. The animals enjoy the taste, and whey’s slightly acidic, lactic base gives their flesh a nutty, velvety quality. For down-home dishes cooked with whey-fed pork, we visit the Route 7 Grill, in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, which cures, smokes, spit-roasts, and grills pork from pigs that have been fed whey from the nearby Berkshire Cheese Makers.

Thank you Paul Paisley of Twin Oaks Farm in Alford, Massachusetts! You can read the full 2008 Saveur 100 list here...

We got a mention as one of “America’s Best ‘Farm To Table’ Restaurants” in Gourmet magazine!
Route 7 Grill is not the kind of restaurant that prints the chef’s name on the menu. It’s a big barn of a place serving barbecue, burgers, and fried chicken—homey, simple stuff. What sets it apart is that most of its meat comes from local farmers, as do most of its vegetables. “This,” says owner Lester Blumenthal, “is the bridge between the small farm and the common guy’s mouth.”

Gourmet, October 2007bslogo

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Diners' Choice Award 2012

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